Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Geng's Corner (Upin Ipin) Seksyen 13 Shah Alam

My son was the one requested me to come here since the first day we moved to shah alam and discovered this makan spot, which was adjacent to the Les Copaque (Upin Ipin cartoon series) building.. So I pun layaaaaaannnnnnn

Front view. They are operating in a corner lot unit hence it was quite big. This restaurant is owned and operated by Les Copaque themselves

Environment: cozy. Nice with lots of Upin Ipin posters around. Cleanliness is perfecto

Dalam menu pun ada banyak gambar Upin Ipin and other characters in the cartoon series.

This chap in yellow decided to take the "Kwayteow goreng Upin"

What we ordered that night. Nasi Goreng USA, the so-called "Kwayteow goreng Upin",  Mee goreng singapore, sate ayam... Ermm mind me, I ate almost 3/4 of the Nasi Goreng USA then I realized the "obligation and responsibility" to take pictures for you guys to enjoy..hehe

The taste of the  nasi goreng USA is not that good. The beef gravvy was S.W.E.E.T! however the beef was cooked perfectly, soft and tender. The fried rice is so-so and could have been better. Overall not up to my expectation! However since it was sweet my 2-year old son loves it!

"Kwayteow goreng Upin".. Actually it is a normal kwayteow goreng but since there was this Upin character by the side of the picture in the menu book, my son called it by that name... layannnn

The taste? Also not up to my expectation. The dish was soo oily and the taste was quite awkward. Cant really describe the taste but it definitely failed my tastebuds!

Mee goreng singapore and satey ayam

The taste? imagine eating a noodle (mee kuning) mixed with some cooking oil, pepper, veges and some chicken and seafood, mix it and eat (without frying).. Sooooo mee!

The chicken satay is again S.W.E.E.E.E.E.T. luckily we only ordered 5 sticks, which we could not finish!!

So, FVR:

This restaurant really failed my tastebuds! Luckily it was not that far from our house...

It was such a waste... The environment was perfect, cosy, nice but the food is not up to par.... better luck next time ya!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ikan Bakar Bellamy (Belakang Istana Negara)

I've been here quite a time as well, especially during bujang-bujang dulu.. But now that I have a food review blog of my own, so I decided to revisit the place and do the review... So I brought my family for a lunch treat there after visiting the Muzium TUDM nearby.

To those who doesnt have any idea on where is this place, it is at the "backyard" of the old Istana Negara (National Palace). Just oposite Istana Negara's Surau. Kalau tak tahu lagi, tanyalah Enchik Google

The "front view"

There are actually a stretch of gerai along the small route but the one that I often go is the first stall.

The condition of the stall when we first arrived. Within the next 15 minutes, ALL places are occupied with a species known as Homo Sapien Sp.

The place's specialty dish is the ikan bakar (specially marinated grilled fish). The stall that we went is the only stall who grills the fish wrapped individually using the banana leaves.

The foods on display.. There are various fishes to choose, from the "basic" kembung (Mackerel) to Talapia  Merah (Red Tilapia) and Pari (Stingray).Choose as you may based on your capability of eating and paying of course!...

Our treats for the day - overall


Ikan Cencaru (Translated as Torpedo Scad in wikipedia)

Sotong Bakar (Grilled Calamari)

Overall, the food was A.W.E.S.O.M.E! No change from the last time I went which was 6 years back... The fish was superbly cooked, well marinated, especially the Cencaru (Torpedo Scad?). It tastes soooo fresh and perfectly grilled! However the Calamari is a bit "clayey". A bit stiff. Maybe because we took the big ones. should've taken smaller ones though!

However, the tastes was completed by 1 ultimate thing which blends everything together:

The authentic Sambal Kicap and Sambal Belacan

On and all, everything was awesome. For the fact that the bill was RM42 for the 4 of us, made us more happier!

As usual, FVR:

5 Stars for them!!!

Cant wait for a return, seriously!

Another place conquered.....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tony Roma's 1Mont Kiara

Yeah, yeah I know people have reviewed this place over and over again... But so what?

So, we (me and office colleagues) went to Tony Roma's at 1 Mont Kiara for a lunch last Tuesday. Thanks to Groupon, somebody eventually agreed to belanja us Tony Roma's for lunch. Guna Groupon pun takpelah, asalkan dapat makan Tony Roma's free! Hahahaha

The journey from Shah Alam took us a whopping 1-hour sebab ada org tu berlagak mcm tahu area sana2, last2 kena tanya Encik Pulis..hahaha. Me? Sorry mmg absolute failure jalan2 kat sana!

Enough of the crappy talk, the pictures say everything... (ermm I didnt take too much picture. Malu lah wei macam jakun sangat! Hehehe looks like the blogger spirit inside me needs serious fine tune!)

The front view...Ermm excuse my friend there, as that was his first time coming..

So the Groupon says we can have the Bountiful Beef Ribs at RM29.90 from the original price of RM60++ (not sure tho!)... here's what "Bountiful Beef Ribs" looks like:

The Bountiful Beef Ribs

The portion was HUGE. Each ribs is so big that I think someone with my level of eating capabilities needs to double up the strength to finish it up!

Taste? Dont ever ask! If it is Tony Roma's, dont expect something lesser than above par ... The beef was so juicy and tender, perfectly cooked. I however regretted my choice of the side dish.... Should have taken the grilled vege which taste nothing less than a.w.e.s.o.m.e

Honestly, before coming we were so concerned that the portion of the meal is small (since in the groupon picture it looks small!) so we ordered this as a "backup":

The Kicking Shrimp! as advised by my sis

The taste? Again, dont ever ask! The shrimps were soooo tender and juicy, nothing less than perfecto! Extremely value for money.

In a nutshell, everything was worth the penny (especially when the bill is not on me! LOL)

Sorry I only snapped 3 pictures of which I am sure is good enough to show the "seriousness" of the eating we had.

The FVR, as usual:

There's no other rating suitable for this kind of superbly superb food! Cant stop dreaming to go, especially dreaming that someone else would be kind enough to take up the bills for me again..LOL!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Restoran Paksu Corner Seksyen 16 Shah Alam

As usual, I continue the journey to conquer my tastebuds....

Now it's the turn of a quite famous restaurant in Shah Alam, the Paksu Corner....

I've been there twice, once for lunch (pity much I didnt take pictures) and dinner. The review today is for the dinner service I had with my family some few days back...

Front View - I took this from their Facebook page.

Very cosy indeed!

The restaurant is HUGE. According to the website it can cater for a total of 350 people at one time

The (very long) place where they serve their lauk tengahari. They claimed to serve no less than 100 dishes, which I am confident it is true.. See the chap in green t shirt running tapi tak sampai sampai?

Okay, enough of  the place pics. Let's get down to business... Here are the dinner that we had that night:

Blackpepper grilled sirloin steak for me

The blackpepper sauce is superb. One of the best blackpepper sauce I've ever tasted. However the meat was a little bit overdone. The others was superb. Portion wise is more than enough for the price of RM13.90. OK what?

Blackpepper grilled chicken for wifey

The chicke is superb, moist and tender. Mixed with the superb blackpepper gravvy sauce, for me the dish was perfect! Even my 2 year old son loves this!

This chap has been longing for fried kwayteow since we moved to Shah Alam (I dunno how and why)...And he finished the whole plate by himself!

The fried kwayteow is so-so only. It's a bit spicy and overcooked but still is not bad at all...

On and all, the FVR I can give is:

A Full 5-star!

Another tastebuds conqueror indeed!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Restoran Mohd Chan Abdullah (Muslim Chinese Food)

I have been here quite a time before but did not have the opportunity to provide review (well, blog ni pun baru lagi kan?)..

My interest in Chinese Food, especially Muslim Chinese food has been in me I think since I know what chinese food is..hehe. And having to move to Shah Alam provides me with the biggest opportunity to conquer my tastebuds with lots of chinese muslim food around... One of them is Restoran Mohd Chan Abdullah

Restoran Mohd Chan Abdullah Seksyen 15 Shah Alam

According to the website, there are 6 branches of the restaurant altogether. However the one that I went in Seksyen 15 Shah Alam was not included hence I would say there so far 7 branches in Klang Valley.

Enough of the talking..Let's get down to business...

Last night we went and decided to do some serious eating and ordered some 'serious dishes' as well hehehe

1) Dim Sum - This is a MUST order if you come here. For me the best dim sum so far! I would usually order 2 sets of dimsum for individual consumption! Hehe

Dim sum (circled in blue). I have to take the picture from their website as it was hard for me to even take out the camera to snap pics when the dimsum was served!

I only snapped the pictures after most of the dim sum was eaten up... Bad me!

2) Ikan Siakap (Barramundi) Sweet Sour

The fish is HUGE, which definitely can feed up to 4 people! The taste? Oklah since the name itself is sweet and sour so definitely it is sweet and sour.. My kids love them very much

I just have a big problem with calibrating my tastebuds towards any dishes that is red in colour. Currently my brain sends the signal to my tastebuds that all dishes with red colour would mean at least a pinch of hot and spicy taste... But sadly that may only apply in Johor, not in Shah Alam..??

3) Butter Prawn

This is definitely one of the best butter prawns I've ever had. Eventhough there were only 6 pcs of XL sized prawns for a plate of RM22, the taste kills all the frustrations. I just LLLOOVVE the net-like butter on top of the prawns (Yes, the yellow thingy you see in the picture above is NOT the prawns).

Some of the pictures of the whole story:

Nice cozy environment

The Start

The ultimate end...

1 guy anxiously waiting for food....

1 good thing is they have a very nice surau for prayers...makan2 jugak, solat jangan lupa bro!

The price... quite pricey but still reasonable considering the taste



I am giving full marks to this makan place since they have never failed my high demand tastebuds even after trying almost all of their dishes! Cant stop dreaming to return! Seriously!!

Restoran Nasi Ayam Baser Kota Tinggi (The Main Branch)

This restaurant is the most popular Nasi Ayam restaurant in Kota Tinggi. We managed to stop by to have a quick lunch during our long holiday in Kota Tinggi..

Front (mind the quality of the picture)

This restaurant has 2 branches. The one we went is the original / main branch, near Kota Tinggi's river. The other branch is located in the centre of Kota Tinggi

On weekends, expect a very big crowd as this the so called best Nasi Ayam stall in Kota Tinggi!

We ordered the standard black pepper nasi ayam, with added mixed fried vege or "chap chai". Here, the chicken and rice is served differently. You can opt to have single dish chicken, or by chicken section, halves or full..

The rice. So-so only. Nothing special

The chicken. Soft and tender. However the blackpaper taste is very much lacking. Macam ayam goreng biasa jer!

The chicken portion is great. The top picture is for 1 individual serving, which is a big portion surely. However the portion of the rice needs serious upgrade. Sikit sangat!

The "chap chai".. Bolehlah! Nothing special

The aftermath...

One happy chap

Total cost: RM39.80 for 4 adults & 2 kids (well, 1 of the kid comes with adult tastebuds!), which is very much reasonable for us. Value for money? Oklah....