Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Geng's Corner (Upin Ipin) Seksyen 13 Shah Alam

My son was the one requested me to come here since the first day we moved to shah alam and discovered this makan spot, which was adjacent to the Les Copaque (Upin Ipin cartoon series) building.. So I pun layaaaaaannnnnnn

Front view. They are operating in a corner lot unit hence it was quite big. This restaurant is owned and operated by Les Copaque themselves

Environment: cozy. Nice with lots of Upin Ipin posters around. Cleanliness is perfecto

Dalam menu pun ada banyak gambar Upin Ipin and other characters in the cartoon series.

This chap in yellow decided to take the "Kwayteow goreng Upin"

What we ordered that night. Nasi Goreng USA, the so-called "Kwayteow goreng Upin",  Mee goreng singapore, sate ayam... Ermm mind me, I ate almost 3/4 of the Nasi Goreng USA then I realized the "obligation and responsibility" to take pictures for you guys to enjoy..hehe

The taste of the  nasi goreng USA is not that good. The beef gravvy was S.W.E.E.T! however the beef was cooked perfectly, soft and tender. The fried rice is so-so and could have been better. Overall not up to my expectation! However since it was sweet my 2-year old son loves it!

"Kwayteow goreng Upin".. Actually it is a normal kwayteow goreng but since there was this Upin character by the side of the picture in the menu book, my son called it by that name... layannnn

The taste? Also not up to my expectation. The dish was soo oily and the taste was quite awkward. Cant really describe the taste but it definitely failed my tastebuds!

Mee goreng singapore and satey ayam

The taste? imagine eating a noodle (mee kuning) mixed with some cooking oil, pepper, veges and some chicken and seafood, mix it and eat (without frying).. Sooooo mee!

The chicken satay is again S.W.E.E.E.E.E.T. luckily we only ordered 5 sticks, which we could not finish!!

So, FVR:

This restaurant really failed my tastebuds! Luckily it was not that far from our house...

It was such a waste... The environment was perfect, cosy, nice but the food is not up to par.... better luck next time ya!

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