Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ikan Bakar Bellamy (Belakang Istana Negara)

I've been here quite a time as well, especially during bujang-bujang dulu.. But now that I have a food review blog of my own, so I decided to revisit the place and do the review... So I brought my family for a lunch treat there after visiting the Muzium TUDM nearby.

To those who doesnt have any idea on where is this place, it is at the "backyard" of the old Istana Negara (National Palace). Just oposite Istana Negara's Surau. Kalau tak tahu lagi, tanyalah Enchik Google

The "front view"

There are actually a stretch of gerai along the small route but the one that I often go is the first stall.

The condition of the stall when we first arrived. Within the next 15 minutes, ALL places are occupied with a species known as Homo Sapien Sp.

The place's specialty dish is the ikan bakar (specially marinated grilled fish). The stall that we went is the only stall who grills the fish wrapped individually using the banana leaves.

The foods on display.. There are various fishes to choose, from the "basic" kembung (Mackerel) to Talapia  Merah (Red Tilapia) and Pari (Stingray).Choose as you may based on your capability of eating and paying of course!...

Our treats for the day - overall


Ikan Cencaru (Translated as Torpedo Scad in wikipedia)

Sotong Bakar (Grilled Calamari)

Overall, the food was A.W.E.S.O.M.E! No change from the last time I went which was 6 years back... The fish was superbly cooked, well marinated, especially the Cencaru (Torpedo Scad?). It tastes soooo fresh and perfectly grilled! However the Calamari is a bit "clayey". A bit stiff. Maybe because we took the big ones. should've taken smaller ones though!

However, the tastes was completed by 1 ultimate thing which blends everything together:

The authentic Sambal Kicap and Sambal Belacan

On and all, everything was awesome. For the fact that the bill was RM42 for the 4 of us, made us more happier!

As usual, FVR:

5 Stars for them!!!

Cant wait for a return, seriously!

Another place conquered.....

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  1. i give 5 star tooo...