Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dengan Lafaz Bismillah

Dengan Lafaz Bismillah aku memulakan cerita....

This blog is build based on the love of the blog owner to try all sorts of foods in various places the owner went.It has, in no sorts, any connection with any other food lovers' blogs unless notified....

Disclaimer for this blog:

1) All reviews in this blog is a personal view of the blog owner. The owner does not in any way responsible in any loss of any sorts to the restaurant/makan place owner.. Dah korang buat kerja tak betul, nak salahkan orang?

2) The blog owner does not, in any ways related to any of the shop owners unless notified herein.

3) Anybody who wants to share their views on any restaurants can contact the blog owner directly

4) Any restaurant / makan place owners who would like to be rated by this blog shall also contact the blog owner directly

5) You are pleased to go away at anytime you feel the reviews are not appropriate. Go on open your own blog and jangan nak menyibuk kat blog orang

6) To be updated from time to tims

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