Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tony Roma's 1Mont Kiara

Yeah, yeah I know people have reviewed this place over and over again... But so what?

So, we (me and office colleagues) went to Tony Roma's at 1 Mont Kiara for a lunch last Tuesday. Thanks to Groupon, somebody eventually agreed to belanja us Tony Roma's for lunch. Guna Groupon pun takpelah, asalkan dapat makan Tony Roma's free! Hahahaha

The journey from Shah Alam took us a whopping 1-hour sebab ada org tu berlagak mcm tahu area sana2, last2 kena tanya Encik Pulis..hahaha. Me? Sorry mmg absolute failure jalan2 kat sana!

Enough of the crappy talk, the pictures say everything... (ermm I didnt take too much picture. Malu lah wei macam jakun sangat! Hehehe looks like the blogger spirit inside me needs serious fine tune!)

The front view...Ermm excuse my friend there, as that was his first time coming..

So the Groupon says we can have the Bountiful Beef Ribs at RM29.90 from the original price of RM60++ (not sure tho!)... here's what "Bountiful Beef Ribs" looks like:

The Bountiful Beef Ribs

The portion was HUGE. Each ribs is so big that I think someone with my level of eating capabilities needs to double up the strength to finish it up!

Taste? Dont ever ask! If it is Tony Roma's, dont expect something lesser than above par ... The beef was so juicy and tender, perfectly cooked. I however regretted my choice of the side dish.... Should have taken the grilled vege which taste nothing less than a.w.e.s.o.m.e

Honestly, before coming we were so concerned that the portion of the meal is small (since in the groupon picture it looks small!) so we ordered this as a "backup":

The Kicking Shrimp! as advised by my sis

The taste? Again, dont ever ask! The shrimps were soooo tender and juicy, nothing less than perfecto! Extremely value for money.

In a nutshell, everything was worth the penny (especially when the bill is not on me! LOL)

Sorry I only snapped 3 pictures of which I am sure is good enough to show the "seriousness" of the eating we had.

The FVR, as usual:

There's no other rating suitable for this kind of superbly superb food! Cant stop dreaming to go, especially dreaming that someone else would be kind enough to take up the bills for me again..LOL!

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