Thursday, February 9, 2012

Restoran Nasi Ayam Baser Kota Tinggi (The Main Branch)

This restaurant is the most popular Nasi Ayam restaurant in Kota Tinggi. We managed to stop by to have a quick lunch during our long holiday in Kota Tinggi..

Front (mind the quality of the picture)

This restaurant has 2 branches. The one we went is the original / main branch, near Kota Tinggi's river. The other branch is located in the centre of Kota Tinggi

On weekends, expect a very big crowd as this the so called best Nasi Ayam stall in Kota Tinggi!

We ordered the standard black pepper nasi ayam, with added mixed fried vege or "chap chai". Here, the chicken and rice is served differently. You can opt to have single dish chicken, or by chicken section, halves or full..

The rice. So-so only. Nothing special

The chicken. Soft and tender. However the blackpaper taste is very much lacking. Macam ayam goreng biasa jer!

The chicken portion is great. The top picture is for 1 individual serving, which is a big portion surely. However the portion of the rice needs serious upgrade. Sikit sangat!

The "chap chai".. Bolehlah! Nothing special

The aftermath...

One happy chap

Total cost: RM39.80 for 4 adults & 2 kids (well, 1 of the kid comes with adult tastebuds!), which is very much reasonable for us. Value for money? Oklah....



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