Thursday, February 9, 2012

Restoran Mohd Chan Abdullah (Muslim Chinese Food)

I have been here quite a time before but did not have the opportunity to provide review (well, blog ni pun baru lagi kan?)..

My interest in Chinese Food, especially Muslim Chinese food has been in me I think since I know what chinese food is..hehe. And having to move to Shah Alam provides me with the biggest opportunity to conquer my tastebuds with lots of chinese muslim food around... One of them is Restoran Mohd Chan Abdullah

Restoran Mohd Chan Abdullah Seksyen 15 Shah Alam

According to the website, there are 6 branches of the restaurant altogether. However the one that I went in Seksyen 15 Shah Alam was not included hence I would say there so far 7 branches in Klang Valley.

Enough of the talking..Let's get down to business...

Last night we went and decided to do some serious eating and ordered some 'serious dishes' as well hehehe

1) Dim Sum - This is a MUST order if you come here. For me the best dim sum so far! I would usually order 2 sets of dimsum for individual consumption! Hehe

Dim sum (circled in blue). I have to take the picture from their website as it was hard for me to even take out the camera to snap pics when the dimsum was served!

I only snapped the pictures after most of the dim sum was eaten up... Bad me!

2) Ikan Siakap (Barramundi) Sweet Sour

The fish is HUGE, which definitely can feed up to 4 people! The taste? Oklah since the name itself is sweet and sour so definitely it is sweet and sour.. My kids love them very much

I just have a big problem with calibrating my tastebuds towards any dishes that is red in colour. Currently my brain sends the signal to my tastebuds that all dishes with red colour would mean at least a pinch of hot and spicy taste... But sadly that may only apply in Johor, not in Shah Alam..??

3) Butter Prawn

This is definitely one of the best butter prawns I've ever had. Eventhough there were only 6 pcs of XL sized prawns for a plate of RM22, the taste kills all the frustrations. I just LLLOOVVE the net-like butter on top of the prawns (Yes, the yellow thingy you see in the picture above is NOT the prawns).

Some of the pictures of the whole story:

Nice cozy environment

The Start

The ultimate end...

1 guy anxiously waiting for food....

1 good thing is they have a very nice surau for prayers...makan2 jugak, solat jangan lupa bro!

The price... quite pricey but still reasonable considering the taste



I am giving full marks to this makan place since they have never failed my high demand tastebuds even after trying almost all of their dishes! Cant stop dreaming to return! Seriously!!

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