Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Restoran Paksu Corner Seksyen 16 Shah Alam

As usual, I continue the journey to conquer my tastebuds....

Now it's the turn of a quite famous restaurant in Shah Alam, the Paksu Corner....

I've been there twice, once for lunch (pity much I didnt take pictures) and dinner. The review today is for the dinner service I had with my family some few days back...

Front View - I took this from their Facebook page.

Very cosy indeed!

The restaurant is HUGE. According to the website it can cater for a total of 350 people at one time

The (very long) place where they serve their lauk tengahari. They claimed to serve no less than 100 dishes, which I am confident it is true.. See the chap in green t shirt running tapi tak sampai sampai?

Okay, enough of  the place pics. Let's get down to business... Here are the dinner that we had that night:

Blackpepper grilled sirloin steak for me

The blackpepper sauce is superb. One of the best blackpepper sauce I've ever tasted. However the meat was a little bit overdone. The others was superb. Portion wise is more than enough for the price of RM13.90. OK what?

Blackpepper grilled chicken for wifey

The chicke is superb, moist and tender. Mixed with the superb blackpepper gravvy sauce, for me the dish was perfect! Even my 2 year old son loves this!

This chap has been longing for fried kwayteow since we moved to Shah Alam (I dunno how and why)...And he finished the whole plate by himself!

The fried kwayteow is so-so only. It's a bit spicy and overcooked but still is not bad at all...

On and all, the FVR I can give is:

A Full 5-star!

Another tastebuds conqueror indeed!!


  1. great choice actually...gulai itik is one of my favourite...

  2. hey...ad u in my blog list...